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13 confessions for unsaved family

Posted on: February 10, 2017

1. As for me and my house will we serve the Lord.

2. Even as I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, me and my family will be saved.

3. The Lord Himself teaches my family the way.

4. The Lord doesn’t want any to perish but is long-suffering toward all that none should perish but all come to repentance.

5. I declare the Lord of the harvest is sending laborers to speak the gospel to my family in power and truth.

6. The Lord will break the spirit of pride and ignorance over all my family members.

7. I boldly confess that my household shall come to know the Lord.

8. I give praise to the Lord for shedding His blood and making salvation available to my family.

9. The Lord will save my family according to His word.

10. I break the hold of Satan over my family members.

11. The Lord is opening the eyes of my family members to know and understand Him.

12. The Lord is pouring out His spirit on my family and they shall see visions, dreams and will even prophesy according to the word of God.

13. The Lord is writing His word upon the hearts of my family. He shall be their God and they shall be His people.

13 Declarations for Unsaved Family

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