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Can You Hear Me, Jesus?

Posted on: August 20, 2017

I believe that God is always with me. However, there are times we all get confused or seem lost .

Can You Hear Me, Jesus?

When I get lost in my belief, some questions and thought will come as well. Can You Hear Me, Jesus? I know Jesus hears me.

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Jesus Hears Me

Can you hear me, Jesus, even when I am cannot speak?
Can you hear me Lover of my soul?
Do you see the tears that have drenched my soul?
Can you hear the myriad thoughts within me?

Of course, my redeemer sees.
He hears my tears and sees my screams within.
Roar within me and roar for me,
Cause you alone are the lion of the tribe of Judah!
Wean my soul from being right always.
Teach me absolute surrender.

Let my thoughts be your thoughts.
Let my mind stay on you.

Take away all restlessness, pride, arrogance.
Humble me beneath your mighty hand.
Reduce me to humility.
I will sing your praises forever.
For my creator is alive.
Of course, you have known me forever,
Before the mountains were called forth you have known me.

You have called me, then who can be against me.
No one stop me, behold, I am yr child.
My father is the king of the universe.
I am hidden in the shadow of my papa’s glory.
I have put on Christ and Jesus is my defender.

I hide in the arms of the One who has loved me forever.
Who are you that comes against me?

The LOVER OF MY SOUL is my husband, my BRIDEGROOM.
His perfect Love is casting out all fear and insecurity.
Hide me MY JESUS in the train of yr robe till this passes.
Let me only be aware of your light that surrounds me.
Drive away the weariness and anger.

Can you hear me praise you?
From the depths of my being I worship your holiness.
I long for you alone.
Every fibre of my being is shouting praise to the One that died for me.
Beckon to me -“COME UP HERE ”
For I am waiting with every breath to be called by you.



I hear you call us by name?
I want to hear my name in your glorious mouth.
I desire only you.
This world has no hold on me.
I want to fathom this Love you have for me.
Pour out your liquid love and let me drink to the full and be satisfied.



Only you satisfy me.
Let your peace fill me, driving out all darkness.


You are my rest, you are my home.
What is this that you are doing within me?
Is it the breaking down and the uprooting?
It feels like destruction within me.
Wrapped in this cocoon.
It’s only me and only you.
When will I burst out??
When will I break out???
So I can soar with you?

What is that YOU said?
It’s a new THING?
It’s a new LEVEL?
A new GLORY?
I am ready when you are!
My eyes are on you MASTER.

I am victorious, because you are victorious.

Anoint me to do your will.
I am yours forever.

My beloved is mine and I am His!

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